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       Florence Gunnarson was born in Chicago, Illinois in the early 1900’s.  She was the only daughter of a wealthy family who spent their holidays traveling the world.  As a young girl Florence collected perfume bottles during her travels and as she got older decided to learn the intricate art of perfume making.  Her parents sent her to Grasse, France to study with the European perfume makers.  She set-up her first perfume lab in a spare bedroom in her parents home in Chicago.  Florence’s inspiration for her perfumes came from her travels.  Her goal was to create perfumes that would transport you to a place she had been, they are destination perfumes; White Blossom, the flower fields of Grasse, Wild Fern, the wooded under story of the Black Forest, No.67 the Asian spice markets, Deco No.23 the flowery, fun times of the 1950’s and Mary Black the essence of wild Citrus blossoms intermingled with lavender in the mountains of Italy.  Following her nose, she mixed and blended till she created her visions. Florence Gunnarson was America’s first woman perfumer. Her fragrances are unique combinations of hundreds of essential oils and extracts. 

Florence gunnarson

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