Dear Fashion Aficionados,

Fashionistas are forever seeking the next up-and-coming perfumed potion of more classic, sophisticated scents.
And who doesn’t fantasize about lingering in a decadent aromatic bubble bath?

Calling all Beauty Buffs, Glamour Girls and Urban Sophisticates….Meet Florence Gunnarson Perfumed Essentials, the hot new aromatic elixir that’s back in vogue.

Created in 1939 by America’s first female perfumer, this line of authentic vintage perfumed oils with a cult following is quickly being added to beauty insider’s “must-have” lists. 

Loaded with essential oils, these exceptionally rich bath blends⎯available in five stylish scents⎯create the ultimate bubbling aromatic bath or sumptuous shower.  The oils meld into the skin, leaving it soft and nourished while imparting a lingering perfumed scent that lasts and lasts. Essence enthusiasts addicted to the aroma have been known to dab a drop or two on their pulse points for an incredible perfume.



Florence gunnarson

Perfumed Bathing Oils

​Since 1939

Our Perfumes

No. 67
Intoxicating and exceptionally sophisticated, No. 67 is reminiscent of Turkish incense, Asian spices, and the rich earthy essence of Sandalwood and Oak Moss.

Wild Fern
A spicy, sophisticated essence with rich layers of African White Musk, Asian Sandalwood, fresh Juniper and a touch of Mexican Tuberose. 

Mary Black
Dedicated to her lifelong friend, Mary Black, this bathing oil is a luscious blend of Italian Bergamot, bitter Lemon, Vetiver, and French Lavender.  

White Blossom
A beautiful bouquet of freshly gathered white flowers; Lilies, Night-blooming Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, and Australian White Rose.

Deco No. 23
A light, fresh essence, gently blended with Honeysuckle, Asian Lotus Blossom, French Lavender, and a smidgen of fresh Mint.Type your paragraph here.