How Can You Stop Snoring?

There are over 12 million Americans- together with their partners- that are plagued every night by the dreaded annoying snore. Read on as we take the opinion of three integrative experts as they provide their best advice.

Five-Stop-Snoring-TipsSleep Specialist

Snoring, according to them, is normal as we all snore from time to time. However, research has found that snoring may be a cause of chronic inflammation in the body. This is directly related to the lack of muscle tone in the throat. When we’re awake, the muscle tone is tightened which is why we don’t snore while we’re awake. However at night, these muscles become lax that results to snoring.

Treatment: tightness in the throat and other muscles in the mouth may prevent snoring. A natural way which you can exercise this tightening is to sing; sing in the shower, the car- anywhere! Toning the muscles lead to a reduced snoring.

Naturopath Specialist

The inflammation of the tissues in the nasal passages- allergio rhinitis- is one prime culprit for snoring. These can stem from allergies from pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and mold.

Treatment: Clear the room of allergens. Either buy a high-quality filter or clean it manually, with proper protection that is. Also, try keeping your pets out of the bedroom as they may leave allergens in the places you sleep and may inhale them. Mold is also a cause of allergy. Have it checked by your local pesticide specialist and clear them out as fast as you can. Finally ,if your nasals are congested, clearing them out is the best solution.

Integrative Specialist

If the environment and bodily factors are not present in your snoring, then your food may be to blame- often wheat and dairy. Dairy, for one, causes thickening of mucus in your throat which can cause obstruction. Other food allergies may causes disruptive digestive cycle. When this happens, your bodily digestive system reacts to the allergens and cause snoring.

Treatment: Ideally, you would want to cut back on the things that may disrupt your stomach. However you can also try anti-inflammatory foods that can prevent your stomach from bloating.

Snoring Devices

Check out some snoring devices, there are many available on the market! including chin straps, pillows and mainly mouthpieces, as there are so many please check stop snoring mouthpiece reviews, before purchasing as a lot are better then others.